A completely immersive community collaboration...

I’m still trying to find the right word to describe it, but just one doesn’t do it justice…ethereal, ghostly, stunning, and delightful all come to mind!

Thea C.

Fantastic! Rain and all.

Michelle H.

This was an incredible show!

Courtney H.

The Boy was a fantastic experience!

Jennifer D.

As seen on Fox31! Come see us at Denver Fringe June 23-26!

WINNER of the 2021 Audience Choice Award for Best Ensemble Performance

Photo by Emma Rose Photography

The Boy

An Original Soul Penny Circus Production

“Do not go gentle into that good night…”

Dylan Thomas

Join Soul Penny Circus as they take you on a journey with The Boy, his dog, Max, and his two intrepid friends as they battle his deepest fears in his fight to return home. The Boy has been taken by a force known as The Queen of Wands, a figure intent on keeping the Boy as one of her own. Will she succeed in locking the Boy away forever, or will he come to realize that sometimes our deepest fears become our greatest strengths.


Our two sailors are lost

...and will be found in the most unlikely of places.

Sailors Wingus and Dingus, searching for adventure, treasure, love, their meaning of life, are hopelessly lost at sea. As a storm begins to rage they notice the creatures of the underwater beginning to rise and invite them below. The sailors are afraid, and as they attempt to flee, they are pulled under the ocean waves.