Photography by Martha Wirth

A Sea Fable

An Original Soul Penny Circus Production

June 25-27, 2021

Lafayette Arts Hub

Sailors Wingus and Dingus, searching for adventure, treasure, love, their meaning of life, are hopelessly lost at sea. As a storm begins to rage they notice the creatures of the underwater beginning to rise and invite them below. The sailors are afraid, and as they attempt to flee, they are pulled under the ocean waves.

At the bottom they meet The Dark God and Goddess, Nereus, the Old Man of the Sea, and Amphitrite, Goddess of the Sea. They are surrounded by an underwater court, and as they beg to be returned to the surface, they are informed that the only way to return is to journey across the ocean floor and plead with Brizo, Goddess of Sailors, and Thalassa, the Primordial Goddess of the Sea to provide them with their Soul Pennies to pay for their journey back to the surface.

The Sailors agree, and are accompanied by underwater denizens and sea spirits. As their journey begins, they prepare themselves. They are told that before they will reach the Light Goddesses they will have to defeat Circe, an Enchantress, in order to arrive at their destination.

The Sailors meet Circe, who tries to scare them with her powers and her creatures. In the end, they are able to defeat her and gain passage to their destination.

Arriving at the place where Brizo and Thalassa reside, they inform the Goddesses of their request. Before they are to be given their Soul Pennies, however, Brizo and Thalassa require each Sailor to give them something in return. The Sailors look within themselves to provide a worthy trade. Having made the trade, they are ready to begin their crossing back to Nereus and Amphitrite.

The Sailors return triumphant. They provide the required Soul Pennies for passage back to the surface. Having successfully accomplished their task, the underwater spirits are helpful in their return.

The Sailors return to the surface. Having found adventure, treasure, and their Soul Pennies, they prepare to set sail home. They are happy to be back on the surface again….or are they?

Photography of A Sea Fable at the 2021 Denver Fringe Festival by Martha Wirth Photography