The Boy

An Original Soul Penny Circus Production

February 4th and 5th 2022

Lafayette Arts Hub


Prepare to be scared this winter.

'The Boy' drums up your deepest fears and brings you face to face with the things that go bump in the night. Join our beloved clowns, Wingus and Dingus, as they journey through a series of hair-raising nightmares in an attempt to help a young boy find his way home. Featuring dazzling aerial acts, laugh-til-you-cry clowning, and plenty of audience interaction.

Are you ready?

Cast of Characters

The Boy

Marek H.

The Clown Wingus

Tim Holt

The Clown Dingus

Joe Humphrey

Queen of Wands

Marci Wojciechowski

The Moon

Jeanne Bayerl

Panic and Dread

Rachael Sparks

The Big Tall Man

Bryan Dumpert

The Monster Under the Bed

Amalia H.

The Alone

Faith Brooke-Lynn Walls

The Nightmares

Ashleigh Keller

The Nightmares

Emma Dumpert

The Nightmares

Emily H.

The Memory

Erica Holt

The Clown Nod and Max

Alisa Humphrey

Technical Crew

Mourad Lebastchi

Stage Manager

Ben Holt

Sound Wizard

Matthew Simmons

Lights Magician

Megan Stern Cerveny

Rigging Queen

Bella Holt

Technical Crew

Natalie McComb

Technical Crew