Desiderium Dream

An Original Soul Penny Circus Production

1515 14th Avenue

Greeley, CO 80631

As debuted at the 2022 Denver Fringe Festival

October 21st at 7pm

October 22nd at 2pm and 7pm

Remember, a ticket price for every budget!

The ragtag traveling circus group "Circo da Saudade" met an untimely end when a bitter magician froze them in time. But is all hope truly lost? Join a wandering girl on a journey to free the displaced sculptures, with a little help from some newfound friends.

Desiderium Dream is a visceral experience of the senses. See the Strong Man perform dazzling feats of strength, have your future read by the Fortune Teller, and dance along with the Bubble Girls. Featuring aerial performances, breathtaking acrobatics, and almost-too-real puppetry. Come along on the adventure of timeless friendship and the beauty of finding home.

Cast of Characters

The Clown Wingus

Tim Holt

The Robot Boy

Marek H.

Mabel the Elephant

Alisa Humphrey

The Girl

Erica Holt

The Magician

Rachael Sparks

The Butterfly

Jeanne Bayhett

The Lion

Emily H.

The Strong Man

and Child

Bryan Dumpert

and Amalia H.

The Ringmistress

Alexis Newton

The Magician's Assistant

Idan Humphrey

The Bubble Girl

Fae Brooke-Lynn Walls


Brion Joseph Humphrey

The Snake Woman

Ashleigh Keller

The Fortune Teller

Marci Wojciechowski

Technical Crew

Ben Holt

Sound Wizard

Matthew Simmons

Lights Magician