The Mourning Tree

Come see us at Denver Fringe Festival!

June 9-11th

Our touring show is sure to inspire. Join a traveling circus as they discover the mysteries of an enchanted forest, a tree spirit who has been swept away by dark witches, and the secret of love unlocked by a clockwork heart. This deeply moving theatrical show features aerialists, acrobatics, puppetry, clowning, and spoken word.

Jeanne Bayerl

The Tree Spirit

Fae Brooke-Lynn Walls

Witch Freya

Ashleigh Keller

Witch Jezebel

Alisa Humphrey

Witch Windy

Alexis Newton

The Ringmistress

Tim Holt

Clown Wingus

Brion Humphrey

Clown Dingus

Megan Stern

The Clockwork Girl

Marci Wojciechowski

Fortune Telling Fortuna

Megan Hall

Desdimona The Dancing Queen

Rachel Leone

Twila The Twirling Temptress

Bryan Dumpert

The Strongman

Amalia Holt

The Strongman's Child

Erica Holt

Bottle Walking Betty from Baraboo

Emma Dumpert

Sharp Shooting Sally McPhee

Marek Holt

The One Man Band

Idan Humphrey

The Candy Cane Man

Rachael Sparks

Forest Spirit

Technical and Production Team

Artistic Director

Erica Holt

Technical Director

Tim Holt

Sound Direction

Matt Simmons

Show Production Chief

Fae Brooke-Lynn Walls

Chief Financial Officer

Jeanne Bayerl

Dance Director

Marci Wojciechowski