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Dreams of a Clown

Soul Penny Circus is honored to present "Dreams of a Clown," an original circus experience. Hosted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 21-26th, this immersive show follows a Sandman clown whose adventures continue long after his eyelids close. This family-friendly, immersive show whisks you away on a fast-paced adventure, exploring both contemporary and traditional circus mediums, including clowning, aerial, acrobatics, juggling, and more!

Digital Program

1) A Clown's Dream

Flamme a Lunnettes 

A tent fort, glimmering lights, sleepy eyes, and a Sandman's dream. 

2) Twilight Unfolds

Deep Corridor 

Dusk falls as eyelids close and a dream begins. Here we walk, in fear of nightmares and turning an eye to the shadows that lurk within these fantastical walls.

3) The Moon's Own Child

To Speak of Solitude 

The Moon tucks her Child in to sleep, as the world of dreams is awoken by the Sandman.

4) Stolen by Shadows

I Think We’re Alone Now 

Darkness lurks in the shadows. The Nightmare steals the Moon Child away in the night.

5) Father Time

Tonight Ve Dance 

The Sandman seeks to save the Moon Child and begs Father Time to help.

6) The Moon's Lament

Rainbow Connection 

The Moon is heartbroken over the loss of the Moon Child, it looks like rain tonight.

7) Drowning in Tears

Rise of the Valkeryie 

The tears continue to flow, the valiant rescuers fear a shipwreck is nigh.

8) Goddess of Love

Moon River Instrumental/Escaping the Kraken - Funeral March 

Within the Sea of Tears, a shimmering Goddess may be able to guide the way. The group moves through another frightful storm.

9) Killing Time

Nessun Dorma 

The Sea of Tears deals a fateful blow. Will the group make it through?

10) Queen of Dreams

Robins Cello 

At last, we have arrived at the Queen of Dreams. But can the Sandman find her favor in time to save the Moon Child?

11) Escape from Nightmare 


The Sandman faces Nightmare, a final battle to save the Moon Child and restore balance within the Dreamscape.

12) A Snap

Carry You

And just like that, the Dream is done. Morning comes all too soon.


Artistic Director: Erica Holt

Producer: Fae Walls

Tech Director: Tim Holt

Choreographers: Megan Hall, Megan S., Erica Holt, Marci Wojciechowski, Fae Walls

Videographer: Christian Szczepanski

Tech Crew: Ian E Červený, Matthew Simmons



"Emotional, passionate, artistic and breath-taking, Soul Penny Circus gives us an incredible circus/physical theatre piece that stays with you for a long time."

"At times may seem a little creepy, bending the genre but keeps the 4th wall shattered in its cooperation and invitation to be a part of the playfulness of this performance."

Theatre Scotland

Cast & Crew

Brion Humphrey 

Diligently drawn to the spotlight and the written word, Brion Humphrey has discovered a calling that tickles his fancy and fills his soul with gooey goodness: the role of a "theatrical clown" with the Soul Penny Circus. With a patchwork jacket and a heart full of mirth, Brion steps into this whimsical world, where laughter becomes a symphony and playfulness knows no bounds. His excitement is palpable, and his dedication to bringing joy to audiences is a radiant beacon that lights up the circus tent. When Brion is not clowning around, he fancies himself a closet poet, novelist, high school theatre teacher, and dad to his equally ridiculous and hilarious boys.  He is eternally honored to get to share the circus ring with his fellow performers, who include, among several other brilliant family members, his amazing puppeteer wife, and his inspiring 10-year-old son. What else could a humble clown ask for?

Tim Holt

Tim Holt is an artist from Arvada, Colorado. His creative journey has taken him through a diverse range of artistic endeavors. As a skilled special effects makeup artist, Tim has brought fantastical characters to life, captivating audiences with his transformative artistry. Alongside this, he has also honed his craft as an actor, mastering the art of storytelling through captivating performances on stage. Whether it's through comedic genius or the whimsical charm of a clown, Tim's versatility as an entertainer knows no bounds. One of Tim's unique and captivating talents lies in puppetry. As a member of the Puppeteers of America, he builds and performs with puppets in each Soul Penny production. His passion for theatrical effects, special effects, animatronics, and puppetry has set the stage for a dynamic and fulfilling artistic journey, leaving a lasting impact on all those fortunate enough to witness his talent unfold.

Fae Walls

Fae is a Denver and San Francisco based professional aerialist and producer. She is a co-founder and VP of Soul Penny Circus, a collaborative concoction of aerial, clowning, and theater. This nonprofit organization travels across Colorado hosting clowning, theatre, and circus workshops for students. Soul Penny Circus frequents fringe festivals around the world with their full-length theatrical productions and regularly hosts engaging community events in the greater Denver area. Fae regularly collaborates with local artists and productions to choreograph and direct creative endeavors. Outside of the performing arts world, Fae is passionate about ESL work and refugee community initiatives. She regularly hosts fundraisers for local humanitarian organizations and personally works with refugee families and children teaching English. Fae and her partner also own and operate a jewelry business, where she creates wire-braided pieces to honor her Sámi heritage.

Izzy Hettmansperger

Izzy Hettmansperger is a 22 year old art student who joined this circus with a goal of becoming a clown. Izzy's clown dreams became a great side project while they integrated themself into the show for the summer as a supporting role. Although they have a background in aerial dance, they decided to take a more theatrical route for this season to challenge their performance skills and have a relaxed and fun time.

Jeanne Bayerl

Jeanne’s adventure with aerial started after seeing other “aerial moms” stepping off the bleachers and into the act alongside their children. Motivated to join these ultra-cool people, she dove in deep and fell in love with the activity as well as her aerial circus family. Aerial has allowed her to reconnect with the same thrill and excitement she felt as a child learning new skills in gymnastics. She enjoys silks, lyra, ground dance, acrobatics and especially dance trapeze. As a founding member of Soul Penny Circus she has performed with them in the Denver Fringe festival for the past three years as well as in additional original productions. Jeanne has also performed with the Iluminar Aerial Adult Student Company in Broomfield, Colorado, and is an instructor there as well.  

Ashleigh Keller

Ashleigh Keller began life on the stage as a ballerina in Denver, Colorado. She was introduced to aerial arts at Monkey Aerial Arts in Grayslake, Illinois, and fell head over heels in love with the aerial silks. The feeling of freedom, expression, and beauty combined with the physical challenge of the sport makes aerial arts Ashleigh’s passion. The camaraderie of performing with talented and supportive friends that she found in Soul Penny Circus is what keeps her motivated and always having fun! When she is not working as a Molecular Biologist, Ashleigh can typically be found petting a dog, or planning her next travel adventure. She is currently training with the expert coaches at Illuminar Aerial in Broomfield, Colorado.

Rachel Richmond

Step into the mesmerizing world of Rachel, a movement artist from Boulder, Colorado, who specializes in hula hooping, aerial acrobatics, and dance. Rachel has been captivating audiences since 2017, enchanting them with her dynamic performances and a boundless passion for bringing characters and stories to life on the stage. She began performing with Soul Penny Circus in 2023 and participated in her first Fringe festivals that same year. On-stage or off-stage, Rachel finds inspiration in music and movement and she is excited to be bringing “Dreams of A Clown” to life at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Marci Wojciechowski

Marci has been with Soul Penny Circus since the beginning!!  She has been dancing since age four and has trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, hip-hop. While dancing at the University of Colorado she graduated with a degree in Kinesiology, she later attended The George Washington University In Washington DC where she obtained Masters degrees in Public Health as well as Health Sciences.  She has performed, competed and choreographed throughout the USA and Ireland. She got her start in aerial at Iluminar Aerial in Broomfield Colorado.  Outside of dance, Marci works as a physician assistant in emergency medicine. Many thanks to the SPC family, you are all the best!

Megan S.

Megan began life as a particularly uncoordinated child, so growing up she never participated in dance or sports. Instead, her love of science and adventure compelled her to study and travel the globe. Upon completion of a contract working at a scientific research base in McMurdo, Antarctica she returned to Denver looking for a new conquest. It was then, in the summer of 2010, that she encountered a flier for an aerial fabrics class and her life was forever changed. Since that fateful day Megan has trained, performed and taught with several Colorado based aerial groups including Aerial Fabric Acrobatics, Relevé Aerial Dance, and In The Wings. She is currently a Professional Company Member with Iluminar Aerial, Soul Penny Circus, and Darkly Dreaming Collective.

Luna Minuit

Luna Minuit is a movement artist who uses the aerial arts to tell stories and challenge audiences to reflect on the complexity of human existence. She has over 20 years of experience dancing in the areas of classical and lyrical/contemporary ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop. Professionally hailing from both the east coast and the Rocky Mountains, Luna’s career has roots spread throughout the crust of the United States. As a performer, Luna’s expertise ranges from Corde Lisse and Fabric to Aerial Hoop, Chains, and anything that dangles. She also performs as a professional mermaid with Circus Siren Pod.

Bryan Dumpert

Bryan grew up doing competitive gymnastics and has an extensive background in acrobatics. He started doing aerial in 2017 and has grown to love performance and the circus arts. Additionally, Bryan is the director of a youth student aerial dance company Bryan feels right at home on the stage and loves to perform with his wonderful circus family, and looks forward to the many adventures ahead for Soul Penny! Traveling and performing are some of Bryan’s favorite things in the entire world, and he is thrilled that he gets to perform in Edinburgh! When not traveling or performing, Bryan is a certified personal trainer and fitness coach. He is very passionate about health and fitness, and loves to coach and share his love of the aerial arts with his students. Bryan’s other hobbies and interests include climbing, hiking, gaming, and spending time with his wonderful wife Emma.

Emma Dumpert

Emma has always held a love for performance and theatre. But it wasn’t until 2019, when she and her now husband presented the idea of doing aerial for their first dance, that she fell in love with dancing in the air. After performing at her wedding, she was excited to continue aerial, and hasn’t looked back since. Outside of performing with Soul Penny Circus, Emma is a couples and wedding photographer. When she is not taking photos, Emma can be found snuggling her cat, bouldering, playing pickleball, or consuming anything related to Star Wars. Emma is overjoyed to see Soul Penny Circus reach new heights and perform on an international stage. Her love for the arts has transformed into a passion for aerial, and she is excited to share her love of circus with the world.

Erica Holt, Amalia Holt, Marek Holt, Matthew Simmons, Ian E Červený, Alisa Humphrey, Idan Humphrey, Megan Hall, Christian Szczepanski

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Video credit to: Christian Szczepanski, Music: To Speak of Solitude, Brambles